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Geographic structure of Turkey, is appropriate for development of hunt tourism in connection with its plant cover and wild life. Hunting grounds, which will be opened to hunting tourism, with considering the hunting animals potential of our country, are determined and announced by Ministry of Forests (National Parks, Hunting and Wild Life General Directorate). Foreign tourist hunters, can hunt with Hunting Tousim Permission Certificate, issued to A Class Tourism Agencies by Ministry of Forest. Also, foreign tourist hunters can only hunt species, breed and set free here within private hunting grounds approved by Ministry of Forest, National Parks and Hunt - wild Life General Directorate.

Foreign tourist hunters, who can hunt by means of Tourism Agencies, according to the related decision of MAK (Central Hunt Commission) and regulation related with the application of 6136 Numbered Law, can bring their hunting guns and accessories together with them.

In Hunting Permission Certificates; name, surname, nationality of the hunter who will participate hunting party, dates and customs offices, when and where he will enter and exit our country, hunting grounds, dates of hunt and hunting animal species and numbers that he can hunt, are mentioned.

Hunting Animals Allowed for Hunting in Turkey
Wild animals allowed for hunting in Turkey are determined each year according to their species and hunting periods. These changes are determined by the decesions of the Central Hunting Commision which has been organized each year.

Bear, hook horned mountain goat (şamua), wild goat (Bezoar), wild boar, lynx, wolf, jackal, fox, from big hunting animals, are served against its value to usage of national and foreign hunters under hunting tourism title.Hunting of hunting animals except these can only be possible within special hunting grounds. Foreign hunters can not hunt hunting animals except above mentioned hunting animals outside special hunting grounds.

The programs are run all year around for minimum of 4 hunters. Equipment and guns are provided by TravelShop Turkey on request. Please, contact us for the details on the rates and available dates.


(Approx. 5 hours a way from Istanbul)

(Approx. 10 hours a way from Istanbul)

Golcuk the lake area.
(near the city of Izmir Approx. 2 hours a way)

(Approx. ½  hours a way from Dalaman Airport and 5 Hour from Izmir Airport)

Guzelcamli forest
( ½ hour a way from Kusadasi)

Gokova the delta area
(1 hour a way from Marmaris)

For any interest in Huntint tours through Turkey please email our representatives for further information and prices.

Anatolian Wild Boar
Anatolian Wild Boar

Wild Boar with remarkable tusks can be hunted in near Marmaris and other southern areas. In recent hunts, our guests hunted several gold medal tusks between 24 to 29 cm. Driven hunts can be organized for 8-14 hunters, accompanied by 20 beaters and 6-8 hounds. The best period for driven hunting is September 15 to February 28. Stalking and high seat hunting during the full moon are also widely practised in Turkey. The best period is May to October. Accommodation can be provided in hotels, lodges or camps.

Ibex Hunts
Ibex Hunts

We organize Ibex hunts in several regions of central and southern Turkey. In the Nigde region (Central Taurus)the national record was taken last season with 132 cm (52") horn. In the last two hunting seasons, we have harvested over 25 Ibex with 25 hunters in this promising region. Average trophy is 105 cm -115 cm (41"- 45") the area and easy to reach with daily flight from Istanbul to Adana by Turkish Airlines. Hunting terrain is located at an altitude of 2000-3000m (6000'- 9000') and only 2 hours drive away from Adana Airport.

 Accommodation is available in fly camps. In the Adana Region (East Taurus) our hunting areas are located on the Southeastern Taurus Mountains has a average of 105- 110 cm (41"- 43") size trophy. This recently opened area is only 2 hours drive away from Adana Airport with good numbers of animals. Antalya is very well known resort town of Turkey on Mediterranean coast. The hunting season August through March.

Anatolian Chamois
Anatolian Chamois and Wolf

Anatolian Chamois can be found in Northern and Eastern Turkey, in the Kaçkar Mountains-Artvin. Specimens having horns measuring 26 cm have been hunted in this region. The best hunting period for Chamois is between August 15 - Mid November. Lodges and village camps provide accommodation for winter hunts.

Chamois hunt can be combined with wolf hunt in the same area. Wolf also can be taken by baiting at the period of December - March in central and eastern parts of Turkey.
Snow stalking is also possible from January to March in higher areas, since our black sea region hunting area is in Ilgaz Mountain resort the hunt can be combined with skiing.




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