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Trekking is a great way to explore and discover new things in the places that you visit. It's a great feeling to spend your time outdoors and at the same time get closer to nature.

This activity is perfect both for families and couples looking for a different but fun way of spending their holidays in Turkey.

For those living in the urban jungle, spending some time in nature is an exciting activity.

Trekking both takes your stress away and also lets you be alone with nature. Recently it has become very popular with all age groups.

With its mountainous characteristics, Turkey has places ideal for trekking. Several travel agencies organize trekking tours to various small districts, mountain villages and plateaus.
Summer and fall are the seasons most suitable for trekking. The jury of the daily newspaper "Hürriyet", who are travelers, tourist agents, mountaineers, and trekkers, have chosen the top 10 trekking routes in Turkey as of September 2004.

Aladağlar is a national park on the Central and Southeast sides of the Taurus mountain range. The highest summit is Demirkazik at 3756 meters. The park is adjacent to the main Niğde-Kayseri highway and 60 km away from Nigde. Minibuses are available every day. Important trekking regions are Yedigöller, Sokulupınar, Maden Boğazı, Kapızbaşı Falls, Sarımadenler and Akşampınarı.
It takes a 1.5 hour drive from Niğde to Çukurbağ and Demirkazık villages. There is a chalet serving as a hotel. Camping is also available at Sokulupınar, which is 1.5 hours away. Emli Valley is 2.5 hours' walking distance from Çukurbağ village. It is possible to climb Kaldı, Güzeller and Alaca summits from there. The most suitable and most interesting time for treks is summer. Aladağlar is mostly limestone rocks and there are forests only in the Emli and Barasama valleys. Alpine flora accomponies the trekkers.

The Kaçkar mountains are located in the Eastern Black Sea region. The Trans Kaçkar and Trans Yayla routes are the favorite ones. The Trans Kaçkar route is 45 kilometers from Artvin to Rize. The route takes one week, and a 20-hour trek begins at Helek and ends at Ayder plateau. The first camping spot is Hevek Plateau, which is followed by Olgunlar, Nasraf and Dilberdüzü Plateaus. Pension accommodation is available in Hevek and Ayder. After passing the Denizgölü Plateau, you arrive at Kaçkarlar. In order to pass Trans, you should go back to Olgunlar Plateau and pass through the Naletleme Passage, arriving at Karadeniz Lake. Arhal Church and Tek Kale are the sightseeing places in Hevet. The Trans Kaçkar route is more difficult than the Trans Yayla. On the Trans Yayla route you pass over Sıratepe valleys between Fırtına and Ayder valleys and it is a more moderate route.

Likya Yolu
The Lycian Way in Antalya / Çıralı is among the most suitable trekking routes in Turkey. It is on the historical road between Antalya and Fethiye. The most important region of this 500-kilometer footpath is Yanartaş. Transportation is provided via minibuses running between Kemer and Kumluca. There are a few lodging and dining services along the route and camping areas. Besides Yanartaş, the "Vow Tree" is a stop en route.

Yeşil Kamp
Yeşil (Green) camp is 3200 meters up on Mount Ağrı. First you arrive at Doğubeyazıt district, which is 97 kilometers away from Ağrı city center. It is possible to reach Eli Village by renting a car, and the trek begins at Eli Village and continues up to Yeşil Kamp. It takes five hours to reach the altitude of 3200 meters. Dr. Ayten Görgün claims that the villagers on the plateaus offer tea and yogurt to the trekkers. If your accommodation is in Ağrı, it is possible to rent saddle animals to carry your camping equipment, such as tents and sleeping bags. The residential areas located on the southern part of Mount Ağrı, Doğubeyazıt and the Gürbulak border gate can be viewed from Yeşilkamp. Accommodation is available in Doğubeyazıt. Those who come for trekking and climbing bring their own tents.

Köprülü Canyon
It is located in the Köprülü Kanyon National Park, Manavgat. The canyon is 14 km long, 100 meters deep and is surrounded with thick pine forests. It is the longest canyon in Turkey and is suitable for trekking, with its nature resembling the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. Camping is available on the banks of the river in the shadow of the trees. There are food and water facilities and accommodation is available in the national park only with tents and camper vans. The theater and agora of the ancient city Selge, which was constructed in the 5th century BC, temples of Zeus and Artemis, cisterns and an aqueduct are the historical works you will see along the route.

Erikli Yaylası
Erikli plateau is near Teşvikiye village in the Çınarcık district of Yalova, and various natural beauties come together on the trekking route. You begin your trek from Teşvikiye village. After you leave the village, you follow the footpath used by the foresters to reach the plateau. The route takes one and a half hour and the first part is uphill and thus is somewhat tiring. For the second phase, you follow the creek and the route finishes when you arrive at two cascades. The total trek takes four hours in total. The route begins among chestnut trees and then you are surrounded with walnut, plum, cherry, apple and medlar trees and blackberries.

Bafa Gölü
Bafa Lake is on the Söke plain in Milas. The lake is easily accessible via a 10 km drive from Çamiçi district on the Milas-Söke highway. The best trekking route is from the ancient city of Heraklia on the lakeside to the historical Mount Latmos. This route is called Kral Yolu (Road of Kings). The walk begins from Kapıkırı village and, following the Kral Yolu, you reach caves decorated with early Christian frescoes and the ruins of a monastery on the Beşparmak mountains. The walk takes 14 hours. A shorter 2.5-hour route also exists from Kapıkırı village leading to the hills. There are ancient city walls and towers at different altitudes along the road.

Ihlara Valley
Access to the valley is available by taking a turn from the 11th km of the Aksaray-Nevşehir highway. The canyon was formed by the cracking and collapsing which occurred as a result of basalt and andesite lava from the eruption of Mount Hasandag. The Melendiz river found its way through these cracks, eroding the canyon bed and helping to form the canyon. The 14km long and 100-150 meter high valley begins at Ihlara and ends at Selime. On the trekking route, you can visit numerous dwellings, churches and graves built on the valley walls, some of which are connected by tunnels and corridors.

Sülüklü Göl
Sülüklü Lake is located in Akyokuşkavağı village near Adapazarı-Akyazı. It is a three-hour drive away from Istanbul. The dirt road beginning from the entrance to the Sülüklügöl Protected Nature Area continues for 9 kilometers to the lake, making 16 kilometers with the return walk. The lake is 1200 meters above sea level and formed as the result of a landslide
three centuries ago. Dead pine and oak trees which collapsed during the landslide are still in the lake. Although it is called Sülüklügöl (Lake with Leeches), you won't see leeches, as the villagers breed trout in the lake. The most suitable trekking season is spring. Although the 4-5 hour walk is tiring, it is among the favorite routes of trekkers with its fresh air and stunning landscape.

Bolkar Mountain - Medetsiz
Medetsiz is the highest peak in the Bolkar Mountains with its 3,534 meter altitude. Medetsiz is accessible via the Adana-Pozantı highway and is 20 km southeast of Ulukışla. It takes six hours to reach the summit with a steep but easy climb. This route is not recommended in winter due to the heavy snowfall. Özcan Yüksek states that it is not necessary to be a mountaineer to climb Medetsiz summit, which is full of valleys and mountain lakes. There are several climbing alternatives to Medetsiz, but the route which begins from Maden village and passes through the Meydan Plateau and Koyunaşağı passage to reach the summit is recommended. It has a slight slope. The peak has a beautiful view of Mount Hasan and Aladağlar. The view from the south is more awesome and beautiful.

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