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We start our Bursa city tour with Karagoz and Hacivat, Ataturk museum, Muradiye mosque, Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewellery, Tophane after visiting here we will get our lunch and later on we will visit Bursa museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts and Bursa city museum.

Karagoz & Hacivat: First we will visit these two wicked mans monuments graves for learn their stories. Karagoz (meaning black-eye in Turkish) and Hacivat (also written Hacivad) are the lead characters of the traditional Turkish shadow play, popularized during the Ottoman period. The central theme of the plays are the contrasting interaction between the two main characters: Karagoz represents the illiterate but straightforward public, whereas Hacivat belongs to the educated class, speaking Ottoman Turkish and using a poetical and literary language. Karagoz's native wit always gets the better of Hacivats learning (but his money-making ventures always fail).

Karagoz-Hacivat plays are especially associated with Ramadan. Until the rise of radio and film, it was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Turkey. It survived till today mainly in a toned-down form intended for audiences of children. Karagoz and Hacivat themselves were two laborers whose banter entertained their co-workers (and slowed down the work) during the construction of a mosque in Bursa during the reign of Orhan I (who ruled the Ottoman State 1326–1359). They were executed for the resulting delay of the work, but became folk heroes.

Ataturk Museum; On the south side of Bursa is a handsome late 19th century house in which the "Father of modern Turkey" stayed during his thirteen visits to Bursa between 1923 and 1938. Converted to a museum in 1973 it contains furniture and personal effects belonging to Ataturk and a variety of documentation on his life. The building which is situated on Cekirge Avenue, is believed to be constructed at the end of the 19th Century. The lodge has two floors and a basement. During his second visit to Bursa in between 20-24 January 1923, Bursa Municipality had purchased this building from Colonel Mehmet Bey and presented it to Ataturk as a gift.

After that, Ataturk stayed in this lodge on his visits to Bursa. On 1938, the building was sold to the Turkish Republic Retirements Foundation by Bursa Municipality, and on 6 February 1968, the Foundation turned over the building to the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums. On the fiftieth anniversary of the Republic, the building after being converted to a museum, opened to the public on 29 October 1973.

First Floor: There is a reception room on the right-hand side of the entrance and a dining room and a rest room on the left hand side.
Second Floor: The bedroom is on the right and the study room is on the left. Passing through the right hand side of the study room you will reach the greenhouse. The basement is used as the kitchen and the maintenance. Most of the furniture and articles in display are the originals used by Ataturk.

Muradiye Mosque; The Muradiye Complex or the Complex of Sultan Murat II, the Ottoman sultan who ruled 1421-1451, is located in the city of Bursa in Turkey.The large complex is composed of the Muradiye Mosque, Muradiye Madrasa, Muradiye Bath, Muradiye Hospice, a fountain, epitaphs, Sultan Murat II's tomb, Sehzade Ahmed's tomb, Cem Sultan's tomb, Sehzade Mahmud's tomb, Sehzade Mustafa's tomb, Gulsah Sultan's tomb, Ebe Hatuns tomb, Huna Hatun-Ak Tomb, Mukrime Hatun's tomb, the Saraylilar tomb, Gulrah Sultans tomb and Sirin Hatuns tomb.

The Mosque was the first project in the complex, completed in 1426. The mosque is built in a simplified inverse T plan with a domed portico in front, constructed of brick and with four major domes. Hexagonal tiles in turquoise and dark blue decorate the interior. There are two minarets, one that is old and one that is new due to collapse from the 19th century earthquake and was rebuilt in 1904. A fire damaged the mosque in the early 18th century, and so the mihrab was also rebuilt, in the rococo style.

Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewellery; The Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jeweler is home to a much-prized collection, which is housed within the beautiful 15th-century Sair Ahmet Pasa building. Opened as recently as 2004, the main highlights have a strong Turkish folklore theme and are brought to life via an enjoyable guided tour.

Tophane; Bursa is the most well-monitored park panoramic image.
The entrance to the park with the state's second sultan of the Ottoman Empire Osman Bey, Orhan Bey, the founder of the mausoleums, shrines Sehtileri Monument is located next to the War of Independence.

Clock Tower built in 1906 in the park is located in the 6-storey Ontario. Tophane still alive from ottoman is Good Work. Nowadays, In the month of Ramadan, when iftar (evening meal that breaks the fast during the Ramadan) time all these guns are fired, and all Muslims can break their fasts with prayer. Also there is a clock tower nearby. You may find cafés and restaurants with excellent view of Bursa.

Bursa Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts; Turkish and Islamic Works Museum is the first Turkish museum covering the Turkish and Islamic art works wholly. The establishment works that have been started at the end of 19th century have been completed in 1913 and the museum has been opened for visit in the soup kitchen building located in Suleymaniye Mosque complex, which is one of the most important works of Mimar Sinan, with the name of Evkaf - i Islamiyet Muzesi (Islamic Foundations Museum).

After the announcement of the republic, it has taken the name "Turkish and Islamic Works Museum". A large selection of impressive works of art and artifacts are to be found here, dating from the Ottoman period, including paintings, statues, textiles, manuscripts, embroideries, ceramics, woodcarvings and even weaponry. There is also a traditional Turkish bath and coffee house.

Bursa City Museum; In the museum your Travelshop Turkey guide will accompany you to see the important things. Bursa City Museum has been serving in a three floored historical building and presenting its visitors the 7000 years history of Bursa. Within this wide historical range the history and geography of Bursa, its commercial, social, and cultural values are presented in a systematic presentation via visuals, objects and animations. In the basement floor you can visit the “Historical Craftsmen Street” that traditional trade life in Bursa is presented with genuine decors and animations.

While you walk on the stone pavement, you will have the feeling of touring in a real street and see the traditional craftsmen of Bursa In the entrance floor the historical development of the city is being presented. The City Museum of Bursa is located behind the Ataturk statue situated just at the centre of the city. Bursa City Museum celebrates the rich Turkish history of the Marmara area and its plentiful exhibits have a strong folklore theme. On display are the works created by the local craftsmen over the years, ranging from wood carvings and hand-woven Turkish rugs at their finest.

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from 2. March to 15. November

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