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yiv, Odesa and Lviv — three of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine Dniepro river, the Black Sea and the Carpathians — three greatest natural wealth treasures of Ukraine. For this tour, we have selected the most interesting places, booked the best hotels, planned comfortable journeys by good transportation (planes, cars and first class trains and a small trips by comfortable minibus)
On this day, Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrates Trinity, and we’ll go to watch how this happens. Program of the day is very welcoming and outdoorsy. We begin our tour with a visit to the grave of the Ukrainian genius and prophet, father of the nation — Taras Shevchenko. We will visit the museum, and will see the best views of the Dnipro river! We will be here for a couple of hours to be filled with the spirit of Ukraine! After that, we will go to the village museum in the open air in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, where we will have a traditional Ukrainian lunch. Then, we will take a pleasant walk in the museum-park and you will get a small surprise from us …. Well, we will not open all the cards at once. Overnight stay – Kyiv
The tour is divided into two parts: in the morning, we will get acquainted with the ancient Kyiv (Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church and Andrew’s Descent). We will hear about the history of the foundation, prosperity and devastating wars of the past. All locations are nearby, so the program will be feasible even for those who is not used to walking a lot. Lunch at a quiet place. The second part of the program will begin at Pechersk hills. We will visit: the Square of Glory, the National Museum «Memorial to the victims of famine,» Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Museum of Ukraine in World War II. In the evening, we will go to the Independence Square and Khreschatyk Street. Overnight stay – Kyiv
Today, we will relax, go under the sail on the Dnipro River, drink champagne, eat some strawberries from the farm, and enjoy the views. We will order a sailing yacht, buffet and music for you! So you will feel like a king! Later in the afternoon, we will go to the botanical garden to admire the lilac bushes, garden roses, peonies and other plants. June is the most blooming month at this wonderful place! We will have a picnic in the lilac garden… In the evening, we will go to The National Opera of Ukraine to listen to the opera or watch the ballet. Overnight stay – Kyiv
We fly to Odessa! Only an hour of flight and we are there. We will get to a hotel, and after few hours of relaxation, we will go for a walk. The program of the day: Deribasovska Street — the heart of Odessa, the city garden and one of the unique fountains in the world — The Fountain of Spirits! Every hour the water stops to flow and the fountain emits the fragrance, specially selected by French perfumer. Opera visit is scheduled in the evening. Yes, we will go to the theater again! By the way, the opera is a wonderful excuse to wear a nice dress or suit, drink a glass of champagne and get in touch with something really beautiful. Overnight stay – Odesa
We will go to have breakfast at the city market «Pryvoz». Here you can feel the atmosphere of the old Odessa, eat delicious fresh fruits and seafood, and certainly should bargain, because this is an important local tradition. Then, we will take a walk along the Primorsky Boulevard, count stairs at Potemkin Stairs, and again go under the sail! You can fish, swim in the open sea, just drink champagne and enjoy the sea views. Around 9.30 pm, we will get on a train that will carry us to the west! We will book the first class cars — accommodating 2 people each, where you can sleep with comfort. Overnight stay – train, 1 class (sleeping place)
Fabulous city with the European architecture, founded in the mid-XIII century. By the way, the entire historic center of Lviv is included in the world heritage by UNESCO! We rest a few hours after the train, which arrives at 10.00 am, and go to explore the unique restaurants of Lviv, which is also a gastronomic capital of Ukraine. Getting familiar with the Lviv coffee mines, Pharmacy Museum, wander in Lviv dungeons. Those, who wants, we will lead to the Castle Hill in the evening, so you would enjoy the city views. Overnight stay – Lviv
We will hear the story of the founding of the city, and visit the main places of sightseeing: the Armenian Church, the Transfiguration Church, St. George’s Cathedral, the Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth, Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church, the Dominican Cathedral, the Latin Cathedral, the Assumption Church, the Church of St. Andrew, and the Church of the Barefoot Carmelites. Along the way, we will count the Lion statues, and make several breaks for coffee and lunch at the best restaurants of Lviv. In the evening, we will go to the opera for the third time! So you will visit three the most beautiful Opera Houses of Ukraine! Overnight stay – Lviv
For the next few days we will live in a hotel complex, which is located in the mountains in the national park, next to the Synevir Lake! According to the legend, the picturesque lake is formed of the tears of the count’s daughter. It was made at the place where her lover, just a poor shepherd called Vir, was beaten to death and killed by the boulders thrown at him after the count had ordered to kill him for his beggarly origin. We will get to this place before lunch, so we invite you to enjoy the nature, the walk, ride a horse, or just watch clouds drifting over the mountains, and of course, admire the biggest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians — lake Synevir. Overnight stay – Zakarpathia
For those who stayed at the same place for too long, we offer a drive to see the Shypit waterfall. The waterfall is located 60 km away, so the road will take a little more than an hour. There is a chair lift near the waterfall. We highly recommend to climb up the mountains, because while you are climbing, such incredible landscapes opens, that you involuntarily start to think about things eternal and everlasting. Your thoughts get structured, and a harmony of soul and body is coming. This state of mind also goes well with a cup of tea or coffee you can enjoy at the cafe, which is located on the top of the mountain! Overnight stay – Zakarpathia
Today, we offer you to go to Kolochava — unique village of 10 museums, which is located 10 kilometers away from the Synevyr Lake. We recommend you to visit the most interesting ones: The Old Village Museum, where you can see how peasants lived one or two hundred years ago. Museum «Kolochavska narrow gauge» — is a rarity tier locomotive and ten cars. Each car reflects the process of transportation that was used by various regional officials that prevailed in the region. Museum of «Shtayer’s Bunker» is the so-called secret place that was used by Ukrainian insurgents during the struggle with the Soviet authorities. We will dine on a farm where river trout are grown. By the way, you may catch one of it yourself for a dinner. Overnight stay — Zakarpathia
We decided to take another day to relax and enjoy, give you a possibility to do what have not yet been done: to be on your own, walk, interact with others, or reflect on the things you have seen. You may also ride quads, go to the mountains, read a book or do anything else you want. You can also visit the sauna, swim in the pool or relax in Jacuzzi. Overnight stay – Zakarpathia
We go to the Museum of Pysanka (Easter egg) in Kolomyia. The only one in world! In the museum’s collection is of over 6000 Easter eggs from all over Ukraine and the entire world. After visiting the museum, we will have lunch in Kolomyia, and then go to Chernivtsi. We are going to the so — called pearl of Bukovina — the residence of the Metropolitan. This is a majestic building, an architectural masterpiece of incredible beauty! We believe this is what you should to see in Ukraine! After the tour, we will check-in at the hotel, and will relax after a busy day. Those who still have some strength left in them, we invite for a cup of coffee and take a walk in the evening city. Overnight stay – Chernivtsi
Just next to the Chernivtsi, there are two very beautiful castles belonging to the list of seven wonders of Ukraine! We believe, these places are to be seen. Khotyn Fortress is 60 km from Chernivtsi. Fortress was build in XIII-XVIII centuries on the banks of the Dniester river. Actually, it is better to see something once than hear hundreds of times about it! Then, we will drive for about 20 km, and Kamyanets-Podilsky fortress will appear, which according to some historical data existed since the 10th -13th century. In this city, the medieval atmosphere prevails. Kamenets is also called a «flower on the stone», and we hope that your experience will match that statement! In the evening, we will return to Chernivtsi, and in the morning we will fly to Kyiv. Overnight stay – Chernivtsi
After the breakfast at the hotel, we will go to the airport. We will get to Kyiv before lunch. For those who wouldn’t fly home on this day, we planned a farewell party! So, stay tuned, and spend one more day with us!

Tour Includes

Accommodation in hotels from 05/26/2018 till 05/10/2017.(the rooms will be booked to share by 2 people in 4 different hotels.)All local transportation (including the airport shuttles)Meals (breakfast and lunch)Tours, lectures, movies.Insurance

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Flight to Kyiv and back (if you need a help, we will help to buy it);Dinners (dinner costs up to $20 per person in a beautiful dining places.)You daily expenses and gifts you -d like to buy (we -ll show you the best places to buy national clothes (vyshyvanka) , gifts and books

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