Welcome to Turkey! Starting and ending in Ankara, this tour is an opportunity to explore the fairy chimney and natural sites of Cappadocia by foot including Mustafapasa, Tahtali rock formations, Uzengi Valley, Pancarlik Valley, Avcilar Valley, Kiliclar Valley, Zelve Village, Pasabag Valley, Kizilcukur Valley, Goreme Valley, Uchisar Village, Akvadi Valley, and Ihlara Valley.

Meet with our guide at Ankara airport and transfer to hotel. Overnight in Ankara.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included We have a look at the old city in Ankara. There is a possibility for those who want to visit the famous and rich Anatolian civilisations museum where one can view many different artefacts including objects and tools found during archaeological excavations in some of the surrounding Anatolian historical sites. After tour, we depart for our 4 hour drive to Cappadocia through the Anatolian plateau, via the salt lake (tuz golu). Before arriving in the heart of Cappadocia, we have a stop to visit to the agzikarahan seljuk caravanserai from the 12th century. The caravans travelling on the silk-road used this as guest-hotel. The masonry is an example of ancient Seljuk art. Then we will drive on to Derinkuyu for a visit of the incredible underground city (8 floors, going down to 57 m under the ground). After this visit, we drive to Mustafapasa charming city, which was inhabited by orthodox greeks until 1923. After this date, Turkey and Greece signed the Lausanne treaty, concerning exchange of population between the 2 countries. Today, you can recognise Greek masonry on the face of old houses. Dinner and overnight at pension in Cappadocia.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included After breakfast, we depart for the trailhead point of our walk. We walk down to the tahtali, one of most typical examples of rock-carved housing in Cappadocia. Millions of years ago tuff, a soft stone comprised of lava, ash and mud has accumulated on the landscape's surfaces as a result of local volcanic activity. The erosion since, has made this landscape appear to be unnatural work; rock formations out of a fantasy land rise up before you at every turn and entice you to look longer and wonder at their creation Then through small valleys and plateau's we go down to the valley of Uzengi bordered with a high cliff of white tuff where there are thousands of pigeon houses. Our lunch break will be on the way as a picnic. Our pathway takes us into the Pancarlik valley. It is a fantastic landscape, a tumble of waves with pastels colours, patchwork of vineyards and small gardens in terraces. We are in front of sarica and kepez churches, carved in the heart a fairy chimneys. They are interesting for their architecture. Dinner and overnight at pension in Cappadocia.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included After breakfast, we will take a short drive to the beginning of Avcilar valley. In the heart of Cappadocia, this is a breathtakingly beautiful valley, with poplars, fruit trees and gardens between two walls of coloured tuff. We follow all the meanders; the colours change quickly, the white dominate, the abandoned gardens fall down in this strange land. We then continue into the Kiliclar valley. Like mushrooms, fairy-chimneys are standing up and we walk through them. Simple rock-cut churches, cones and unusual rock formations are the highlights of this part of the trek. Picnic will be served for lunch. Dinner and overnight at pension in Cappadocia.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Transfer to zelve and visit, an old cave-dwellings-village, today used as an open-air museum. It was inhabited until 1950, but the government moved the population because of erosion.
Walk to Pasabag valley (also called priest valley). We walk on the cliffside dominating the most famous fairy chimneys of Cappadocia: some are getting destroyed, whereas some others have still three "heads"... We cross cavusin village village, one of the first christian settlement. We visit here the old church dedicated to st the baptispte, where you can still recognise the fresco of salome dancing for herodes. Afterward we continue onto kizilcukur (red valley), this valley is certainly the most beautiful in Cappadocia with its formations and red colours: during millions years ago, rain and wind worked together to erode the soft volcanic rock; you will see here that the result is really fairy. Small valleys, cones, peaks and fairy chimneys alternate harmoniously on our way. Because he needed to become integrated into this extraordinary landscape, man built into this, cave dwellings, frescoed churches. We will visit some of them en-route. Dinner and overnight at pension in Cappadocia.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Today we will explore the Goreme valley, which will lead us to the Pigeon valley (called so because of the numerous "pigeon houses" built in the 18th century). After a lunch-breach in Uchisar village, we visit the high viewpoint known as "fortress": this offers a splendid view all over Cappadocia. In the afternoon we walk in the Akvadi valley following an old river bed (today dry) featuring fruit gardens and many vineyards. In this valley, you will notice the fairy chimneys are particularly slim.
Dinner and overnight at pension in Cappadocia.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included After breakfast, we drive to Ihlara area where we will walk in the Ihlara valley, along the Melendiz with the rhythm of birds' songs. This valley is particularly rich with flora due to the presence of water. We will see here cave dwellings and rock-cut churches from the Christian period. There we will visit certainly ones of the most beautiful orthodox churches (from 6th and 12th century) with excellent preserved examples of Christian frescoes on the rock faces of the valley. We arrive in Belisirma village where we have our lunch-break on the bank of the river before departing for our drive back to Ankara (4 hours). Overnight in Ankara.

Breakfast Included End of your tour, transfer to Ankara airport. We hope you had a memorable tour and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing us.

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