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Welcome to our Istanbul Daily Sightseeing Tours!

For more than 1000 years Istanbul has been home to a vibrant Jewish community.

After the Turkish conquest of Istanbul, Sultan Mehmet II encouraged immigration to repopulate the city.

Over half a million Jews persecuted in Spain and Portugal were encouraged to establish themselves within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire.

In Istanbul the new immigrants settled mostly near Galata - a quarter on the northern bank of the Golden Horn - where a Jewish community had existed since the early days of the Ottoman Era in Istanbul.

On the Jewish District Walking Tour, you will walk in Galata and find yourself immersed in this amazing culture full of life.

You will visit major Synagogues, Jewish Museum, Jewish Apartments, along with other major Jewish sites.

Along the way, you will hear amazing stories of locals such as Abram Kamondo, whose heritage is now part of today''''''''s tour.

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